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The Absolute Truth

The Absolute Truth (AT)

Disagreements had aroused about truth definition (wikipedia); different opinions expressed what constitutes truth, how to define and identify truth, what roles do revealed and acquired knowledge play, and whether truth is subjective, relative, objective, or absolute. 
Whether Correspondence, Coherence, Social constructivism or Consensus pragmatic truth can be raised to mean all these together in a higher level that could reach to a level of total agreement between different sectors of the societies.
As people can be divided into Metaphysical subjectivism (that truth or falsity of all propositions depends, at least partly, on what we believe) or metaphysical objectivism (that truths are independent of our subjective beliefs).

Looking to these from independent mental perspective, there is a sense of relativity about the truth as believed by both above extremists, where each may form its judgments on other's cultures, religious and social backgrounds.
In this particular period of the history, trends towards globalization enhanced by the rapid growth of transportation's, communications and knowledge had widened the gap between extremist. In such environments some may misinterprets their role in the society mixing it with what they may imagine as God direction, resulting in such inhuman acts such as September 11, 2001.
Since the source of any religion or philosophical teaching is based on spread knowledge of positive values, which akin to development of human societies within diversities therefore that in itself represents enrichments for humanity.
The suffer of humanity in past wars, and Genocides during the Holocaust such as Auschwitz, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia & Herzegovina and now in Darfur shows how race, religion, ideology and tribalism can be exploited and manipulated for evil interests that contradicts the bases upon which religious teaching and humanity were established.
Within that contest, since fanatics established their arguments from relative truth, it becomes difficult for such groups to be convinced or convince others to adopt its methods peacefully, it becomes important to find the common ground for peaceful coexistence without harming each others.
The ideal bases for that is through the formation of some guidelines or supreme values, derived from what humanity had arrived to through God messengers, great thinking, pains and experiences. 
The needs is so great for an ideals common ground that should represents term of reference in a form of the Absolute Truth (AT), which represents the common ground between us as human race; it may help in unifying our efforts to develop our world to become a better place and to transform ourselves and coming generations to higher levels of humanity. 
Some of the following are examples of AT, which should be read in connection with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, meanwhile the door is open for any contributions, in order to help in the formation of general guidelines for a global society that is able to peacefully resolving its problems and enjoy characteristics of diversities through the absolute truth, these are:
 * There should be simple and perfect theories that govern human and natural activities.
 * The right of life is for any human being.
 * Humanity in its least definition and monitoring is to help in eliminating or reducing pains from each others.
 *  Humanity should be the guide lined by which individuals and countries should be  judged.
 * Any ethnic group does have the right to determine its destiny.
 *  All Countries should have the right to exists, including the State of Israel.
 *  Palestinians should have the right to form their independent country within 1967 boundary.
 *  As the Palestinian area is so small, Palestinians refugees should be give one of two options:
      -To be distributed worldwide for settlement in agreed percentage.
      -Those that prefer to live in Palestine should be replaced with those willing to settle abroad.
 *  Problems, such that of Iraq should be resolved by the International body, represented by the United Nation.
 *  Preservation of ecosystem for the coming generations is a direct responsibility for individuals and countries.
 *  Elimination of major dieses worldwide, such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis and Typhoid is a genera responsibility of the human body.
 *  Reduction and elimination of poverty is a general responsibility of the human body.
 *  Good governance should be a goal, enforced by the human body.
 *  Corruption is degradation for human dignity; it must be fought by everybody.
 *  Militarism's and weaponry hinder the development of humanity.
 *  Economics should be practice to enhance human development, not for exploitations.
 *  Social justice should be believe and practice.
 *  Rules should be set that works for all.
 *  Future energy requirements is essential for everybody, it should not be left for commercial exploitations.
 *  Debts owned by developed countries is morally unjustified, it resembles given a child sweets in exchange with signing a blank paper.
 *  Due to the slow pace of human development, majority of us behaves as if this earth is the only room in the big house.
*  Presence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in this planet is a matter of great disputes, to know the Absolute Truth behind that; United Nation should form a high level investigating committee, to unveil the truth behind it.
*  Above committee should coordinate individuals and institutional efforts aiming at discovering new method for energy transformations, for the benefit of humanity.              
*  Greatness is achieved through Humanity
*  The world could be a much better place, without racism, hatred, greedy
*  A Scientist without human obligations resembles a body without life.
*  Humanity is the judgment criteria.
Mahmoud E. Yousif

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Greatness is achieved through Humanity
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