New Energy
Or, the
External Magnetic Field Propulsion System (ExMF-PS)
Based on the “The UNIVERSAL ENERGIES” (UE), which suggested a mechanism for macro-energization of electrons and protons, production of External Magnetic Field (ExMF) and both proton fusion and electron fusion (Angle Hair) mechanisms, The External Magnetic Field propulsion System (ExMF-PS); is heaby presented, it formed the following inventions:
1- Capturing of charged particles by Rotating low Magnetic Field (RLMF), production of ExMF and  energization of charged particles.
2- Generation of electricity using ExMF.
3- Propulsion of objects on wheels, railroad, river or sea by ExMF.
4- Propulsion of shaft driving or propel mechanism, using ExMF.
5- Propulsion of two types flying objects by ExMF, they are:
(a) The Mothership- Jedia (M-Jedia).
(b) The Disk-Kush (D-Kush).

The following papers and figures shows these.
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Liftoff, Space Shuttle Atlantis
December 2, 1998

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Liftoff, S-Kush
Operated by ExMF-PS
Searl Effect Generator (SEG)
Generation of Electricity,