Interaction of Fields Verse Action at distance

As the paper The Unified Force of Nature: 1-The Electric & Magnetic Forces, at:

and related formula unlock mechanism of many phenomena, a model of hydrogen atom with spectral lines is in (A), higher model of potassium atom with spectral lines is in (D), a mechanism of electromagnetic radiation in (B & C), Einstein introduced quanta (photon) due to failed to derive formula for the Radiation Magnetic Force (FmR) embedded in radiation given by Eq. (24) in (D), the wrong usage of Einstein’s mass energy equivalent formula by Compton in (E), the reinterpretation of the three experiments which supported quanta (photon) and wave particle duality are in (D, F, G and H), we questioned Newton’s law in (I) with alternative of gravity in (J):

A-    The Magnetic Interaction

B-     The Electromagnetic Radiation Mechanism

C-    Electromagnetic Radiation Energy and Planck’ Constant'_Constant

D-     The Photoelectric Effects: Radiation Based With Atomic Model

E-     Compton was Greatly Mistaken Using the Quantum

F-     The Compton Effect Re-Visited

G-    The Double Slit Experiment Re-Explained

H-    Electron Diffraction Re-Explained (The Intense Magnetic Field Interaction with Crystals)

I-       Newton’s Gravitation Law is Wrong!'s_Gravitation_Law_is_Wrong

J-       The Hydrostatic Force (FH) of Gravity (The Atmospheric Force of Gravity)

Finally, even though the responsibility to tell truth is a pillar that created successful scientific enterprise, but the acceptance of that truth is in the nucleus of scientific and human advancement.

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