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The New Alternative Renewable Energy
External Magnetic Field Propulsion System (ExMF-PS)
Based on the “The UNIVERSAL ENERGIES” (UE), which suggested a mechanism for macro-energization of electrons and protons, production of External Magnetic Field (ExMF) and both proton fusion and electron fusion (Angle Hair) mechanisms, all of which represents the alternative renewable energy, from which The External Magnetic Field propulsion System (ExMF-PS) is derived, forming the following inventions:
1- Capturing of charged particles by Rotating low Magnetic Field (RLMF), production of ExMF and  energization of charged particles.
2- Generation of electricity using ExMF.
3- Propulsion of objects on wheels, railroad, river or sea by ExMF.
4- Propulsion of shaft driving or propel mechanism, using ExMF.
5- Propulsion of two types flying objects by ExMF, they are:
(a) The Mothership- Jedia (M-Jedia).
(b) The Disk-Kush (D-Kush).

The following papers and figures shows these.
Liftoff, Space Shuttle Atlantis
December 2, 1998
Liftoff, S-Kush
Operated by ExMF-PS
Generation of Electricity,
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