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When I failed to get answers for the red light curved bands or aurora (of the Alien spaceship) within the present sciences and fundamental physics, I returned back into history searching for a clue, it all concentrated in the history of the magnetic field and the following three equations:


When the magnetic effects due to electric current was discovered in 1819 by Hans Christian Oersted [1], André Ampère determined the circular shape of the magnetic field around conductor carrying electric current [2], and gave formula for a force between two conductors carrying electric current as:



Where, k is 10 N/A, I and I are the current in both conductors in amperes, l is length of the conductors in meters, d is distance between both conductors in meters and the force F is in Newton.

On the other hand, magnitude of magnetic field around moving electrons or protons or their circular magnetic field (CMF) [3, 4, 5] is given by



Where, c is the speed of light, q is the particle's charge in coulombs, v is the charged particles velocity in ms-1, rm is the magnetic radius at which the CMF is measured (representing rme and rmp or electron's and proton's magnetic radius respectively). The circular magnetic field B2 is given in Tesla.


The Lorentz force is given with electric-magnetic parameters by



Where, q is the angle between the trajectory and the fields the force Fe.m. is in Newtons.


Equations (1 and 3), while expressing magnetic forces; they were formulated using electrical parameters.


An interpretation of the magnetic forces using magnetic parameters was presented in four papers, they are:



Mechanism behind the attractive and repulsive forces given by Eq.(1) is due to the interaction of magnetic lines of force attractively or repulsively, therefore, the force is expressed magnetically by



Where, constant k= 2x10-7 Newton per square ampere, Bc1 and BC2 are circular magnetic field (CMF) around both conductors (in Tesla) produced by conductors C1 and C2 respectively, while r1 and r2 are the CMF's radii in metre, l1 is the length of the conductor in metres.


For the force given by Eq.(3), relating it to Eq.(2), therefore the magnetic force resulted from the Magnetic Interaction, is given by



Where, q is the angle between the two fields, B1 is the magnetic field in Tesla, B2 is the CMF produced electrons and protons given by Eq. (2) in Tesla, rm is the CMF's radius in meters and the magnetic force F is in Newtons.



Eq.{4} and {5} express the dual nature of The Magnetic Interaction (MIH) (6), a base upon which a new fundamental physics is established, it suggests and explains to great satisfaction issues such as:


1- Magnetic Potential Difference mechanism.

2- Energization of charged particles on micro scales.

3- Magnitude of spinning magnetic field (SMF) produced by protons.

3- Interaction of two SMF magnetically gives raise to nuclear force.

4- Atomic model, stabilized by balance of electrostatic and magnetic force.

5- Orbital electron is continually energized and dissipated by the motion.

6- Specific energy, radius, velocity is possessed by orbital electrons.

5- Production of spectral lines in reproducible manner, and in line with Planck’s theory.



The paper shows elements of the magnetic lines of force such as,

1- Number of Magnetic Lines of Force (MLF) per unit area.

2- Number of MLF along sides of an area.

3- Distance between two MLF, as derived from specific magnetic field.

4- How to obtain magnetic field when above elements are known.



The paper deals with the following issues:

1- Suggested magnitudes for the polar Spinning Magnetic Field (SMF) produced by protons, electrons and neutrons.

2- Presents Spinning Magnetic Force (SM-force) or the nuclear force that results from interactions of electrons protons and neutrons with each other.

3- Production of neutrons from interaction of electrons and protons.

4- Energies resulting from these interactions and mass changes.



This paper suggested the followings:

1-      A mechanism for macro-energization of electrons and protons.

2-      Production of External Magnetic Field (ExMF).

3-      Proton fusion mechanism.

4-      Energies resulting from the above fusions.

5-      Electron fusion or a mechanism that produces Angel Hair [10].


e-   The External Magnetic Field propulsion System (ExMF-PS) (11)

Based on these building blocks, and the production of ExMF, some inventions were discovered, these are:

1-   Capturing of charged particles by Rotating low Magnetic Field (RLMF), production of ExMF and  energization of charged particles.

2-      Generation of electricity using ExMF.

3-      Propulsion of objects on wheels, railroad, river or sea by ExMF.

4-      Propulsion of shaft driving or propel mechanism, using ExMF.

5-      Propulsion of two types of flying objects by ExMF, they are:

a.       The Mothership- Jedia (M-Jedia).

b.      The Disk-Kush (D-Kush).





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