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UFOs in Africa


Mahmoud E. Yousif




Kisumu Kenya 1985

One of the most fascinating and wonderful sighting was the one witnessed by Dr John Buers Awuor, a Senior Lecturer, School of Physical Science, at University of Nairobi.

It happened at dusk around 8:00 P.M., while he was retuning home in December 1985, when he had just finished his final examination for senior four secondary school.  The location was ten kilometers north west of Kisumu town, the capital of Nyanza Province, on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria, 0o 16́́ S 29o 7́́́́ E. the visibility was clear, he was walking from west to east, when suddenly he saw a line of objects with fire on their tails, all moving from north towards south at very low altitudes below the clouds.  They were of round shapes and were spinning while moving; they looked like military aircraft formation going to war, and consisted of two groups.  The front group, consisted of around 8-10 objects with diameters of around 30 meters, while the second group consisted of 7-8 objects, that were much smaller with diameters that appeared as of around 10 meters.  Their shapes looked like a distorted disks.



Objects at the center of each group, were very bright.  At the beginning he thought that they may fall, because they were moving rather slowly.  The slow speed, as he put it “was the reason he detected their spinning and the constant tails of fire which had orange-yellowish color”. Each formation consisted of “some vertical and others horizontally oriented disks, but all were spinning and had fire tails”.  All were moving in one direction; towards the south.  From his point of observation, the objects were at an angle of elevation in the sky of around 45o.  The total period of the sighting was around 50 seconds. The span of both groups on earth could be approximated to measure about three kilometers, it was very long.

When he first saw them, he was surprised, and wondered what was happening to the heavens.

In the following days, he expected the newspaper to mention it, but nothing was said, even the metrological, military and the aviation department, none of them mentioned clarification about these objects

Within that month he met his brother Francis Imbo (presently the Principle of Kisumu Polytechnic), who said he also saw the objects while he was at Eldoret town which is 80 km, north east of Kisumu and even drew them.  Dr. John Buers Awuor, described the general scenery, as very beautiful and considered himself very lucky to see such a wonder.


Kenyan Police officer

In August 1995, I reached Naivash town (90 kilometers North West of Nairobi) late at 11:00 P.M., while coming from Ugandan border town of Malaba, lacking experience about Kenya and the town, it was my intention to walk a distance of 3 kilometers to the town center; but the officer at the road block called me? He adviced me to wait and he will put me in any vehicle going to Naivasha.

Obsessed by UFOs, I asked him as an officer while at such an open air at night, has he seen any strange objects flying like an airplane?

He replied that, around 1992, he saw a very strange object moving slowly from east to westwards, it was illuminating colorful lights, he was surprised and shock, the object was cylindrical and was moving slowly, so it was in the vicinity for several minutes. The officer was very kind; later he put me in a small pickup heading to Naivash.


Congo DRC (Previously Zaire)

On December 1991, while traveling from Bunia to Isiro town in Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), on a lorry MAN the old type, carrying some sacks of beans, at departure, we discovered, the canvas had several holes, which may cause rains to affect the beans, the driver calmed me down, pretending to have a good one. We left the city at around 10:00 PM, after around 50 km, or 20 kilometers from Commander Junction, while crossing a small bridge, the empty barrels atop the lorry fall down as ropes tying them were cut by tree friction. The driver stopped on the edge, it was around one o'clock in the morning. I was sitting on the right front site of left hand drive lorry, between me and the driver was a woman. At around two o'clock, I realized a powerful searching light, at the beginning, I thought it was an airplane, but after five minutes, the powerful light was still flashing, it was strange that, almost most nearer trees were illuminated during the flash. I heard some passengers on lorry top, talking in Lingala about the light, I tried to get out to watch it, but I felt it was not safe at that side, because grass was tense with water, and both the woman and the driver were sleeping, I was overwhelmed with the sense of abnormality, the light continued for more than twenty minutes, regardless of my eagerness for knowledge, I felt as if I was imprisoned at that particular moment, till I dropped it out of my mind, but convinced that, there is something strange going on! I don't think there is airplane capable of staying long up there, with that powerful searching light, is it could be a UFO?

Next morning, the ropes were tied; we left the place to our surprise, it heavily rained after less than ten kilometers, and the Driver had deceived me about his new canvas.


Yarol, Sudan 1962

Dr. Riek Garbong a medical Doctor, currently Army General, in the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA), told me the following story:

In 1962, they were studying at Bankar Primary School, which is just east of lack Yarol, adjacent to Yarol town (around 7o N and 30o E), in South Sudan.

He was seven years old, when they were queuing in front of the school on one day, under supervisions of some teachers, that suddenly something appeared from the east, it was round in shape glowing in red color, and at center the light was less intense. They got scared, and start crying emotionally, the teachers were trying to calm them down, but worst of all, they got the sense that their teachers are also scared from what they were watching, they see fears in teachers eyes, but they pretends not to be, at that moment they were only thinking of their mothers.


Dinka  Legend- Bor, Sudan

Dr. Riek Garbong, who is from Dinka tribe of Southern Upper Nile Region, in South Sudan, told me that, his Grandmother had told him that, one day it happened that, while people are at the cows pound, something very huge fall down nearer, that thing looks like a balloon, it moves from left to right, people got scared, all run away, they said it is like Kogor (God). After sometimes, the youth were encouraged, and they return back with great cautions, just to release cows for safeties, afterwards some cows were killed as sacrifices. The year became known as the year when the “Great thing had fall down”.


SPLA- 1990 Sudan

During the 1st phase of Bright Star Campaign, launched by Sudanese People Liberation Army (SPLA) in 1989/90, the SPLA Army was moved from eastern Upper Nile, near Ethiopian border southwards to Equatoria through Torit and Kapoita towns to attack Kagokagi town near Uganda boarder, troop's movement were very intense at that path.

From Gambela town South West of Ethiopia to Kagokagi near the Uganda border town of Moyo, people saw something very shinny, it was moving at very high speed. Dr. Riek Garbong told me he was near Kapoita, the object was moving at very height speed, it just suddenly stopped for some minutes, and then continued in the same direction.


Around Juba – 1991 Sudan

During SPLA attempt to capture Juba town in June 1991, an elongated cylindrical object was seen at around 7:00 pm, moving from south west towards north east, those who saw it south west of Juba, said its colors were changing. One of SPLA signal operator told me that, there was a red flam coming from its rear; they thought it was a new rocket brought by the government army, but to their surprise, they intercept government operators talking about a rocket launched by SPLA!

Before that, I was informed by some, that something very huge flays above Arewara (a famous market village in north eastern Congo DRC, near Ugandan town of Arua), it is around 300 kilometers, south west of Juba, they said it was cylindrical with red flame at rear, seen around 7:00 p. m., that same year!


Near Kadugli, Nuba Mountains – around 1970 Sudan

F. B., a woman, from Nuba Mountains (currently she is in USA) told me in 1999 that, during her childhood, when she was around thirteen years, they used to go to dance in a youth cultural gathering habits, usually used to take place during the five or six days before and after the full moon.

One day while they were dancing, suddenly they discovered that something very huge was just hanging motionless above them, it was round in shape and very huge, surrounding with colors. They became very scared, everyone run home; afterwards they never talk about it.


Zalinge, Darfur 1961- Sudan

In Zalinge town of Darfur, around 1961-, Ahmad Alhag, who was a student at first year in the primary school said, one morning, around 10:00-11:00 A. M., while people were in the market, a huge object looked like cylindrical, but with a triangle head, was seen moving towards the city at low altitude and speed, some said it was a Russian rocket, then suddenly the object disintegrated into eight or nine small triangle shaped objects, each of them measured around seven meters, they got lower nearly above the trees, people got scared, all run for his life. He rush with some friends to his house which was nearer, five of them entered together through the single door from fears, he stayed under bed for more than hour, later no debris were found and nobody speaks about that thing.



In 1973 the then president of Uganda, Idi Amin, witnessed a UFO which he watched a spectacular object covered with something like smoke sweep down out of the skies over lack Victoria, pause on the water and then lift off gently. The object remained on the water for some seven minutes and disappeared rather like the lift-off of a rocket, smoothly and gracefully [John Spencer, The UFO Encyclopedia, Headline, London, 1991].


Kampala, Uganda 1995


It all started on January 15, 1995 around 1:28 AM, in Kampala (0.35o N, 32.5o E) the Capital of Uganda (UFO Sighting), when I saw what I first thought a meteor, realizing an increas in its magnitude, I thought it could be a huge meteorite, linking it to Arizona crater or that of South Africa and the consequences of such impact on the city.

I ran to the club window called for my friend Mr. Walugembe Kiweewa with whom we were playing chess to come and see the huge thing which is going to fall over Kampala, I turned to see their response, he was rushing towards the door, with other three among them Mrs Annette Nabattle the owner of that club.

I turned back to watch in great surprise, the bright light which became in seconds an enormous cylindrical object, with extremely bright light emanating from a huge (what looked like) porthole at the front hemisphere, with four or six other equally spaced portholes extending along the side of the spaceship, the bright lights becomes dimmer towards the rear.

The body of the object was shiny and silvered by the full moon reflection; there were five bands of intense red light, emerging from the central part of the spaceship towards the end, where they mixed with an enormous and intense red light that emerged from the rear hemisphere and which seemed to extend beyond the full length of the spaceship.

Some striking points were observed at that moment, they were:

  1. The bright light at the front was so bright, it looked like the light from electric arc welding, the light was intense and near to ultra-violet radiation.
  2. Each of the red colored beams were much more intense in their middle, the color of which reminds me of the beautiful aurora photo published at the Guinness Book of Records, 1991 Edition.
  3. Both the upper and lower beams that emerged from the centre of the spaceship were clearly curved at the emerging center points, while the two beams which were above and below the centre, were slightly curved at the emerging points.



  1. No sound of any kind could be heard from the ship.
  2. As the spaceship flew above some clouds in the northern part of the city, the red light was clearly seen reflecting and coming out from the surrounding clouds.
  3. The spaceship then appeared in an opening between the clouds then disappeared.
  4. The red light began fading away in the distant horizon.
  5. When we returned back inside the club, and after making a sketch, with the date and time, I asked my friend about the length of the object, he estimated it to be more than fifty meters, I told him my estimation is more than hundred meters.
  6. The diameter of the spaceship was around twenty five meters.
  7. The altitude of the spaceship was between 1500 and 2000 meters.
  8. While watching, I started counting from zero, and from the moment when the object arrived over the town center, to the moment when it ended its flight and disappeared; I had counted 11 seconds, and from this I estimated the total flight period from its descent point as 25 seconds.
  9. Therefore, from above timings, if the length of the town is 30 kilometers, the velocity of the spaceship at that moments, can be calculated to be approximately 4320 km/h.


While watching, the logical question that entered my mind was, to whom does this new spaceship belong? But also, why did it enter the earth environment like the Shuttle?


Clearly what we witnessed was an entry or re-entry of a spaceship, through the earth's atmosphere, but is there any knowledge about discovery or existence of such an advanced system of propulsion worldwide? Is it possible for any government to hide such enormous machines from the media? If it orbits the earth, can it detected by amateur astronomers who are able to detect bodies of less that five meters at distances of thousands kilometers above the earth?

Therefore, my conclusion was that what we had witnessed was an entry of a spaceship from a different world that was controlled by different intelligence.

Five month later, I met with Mr. Kiweewa, he told me how one of his neighbor had told him two weeks after the sighting that he saw something one night but he afraid telling him because he can't believe him, my friend asked what was it? He said at that night, he quarrel with his wife and went to balcony; while there he suddenly saw a huge cylindrical object, long red light at rear and bright light coming from the front part; to his surprise my friend told him he believed him because he saw the same thing, the man felt greatly relieved.

I told Mr. Kiweewa, that I thought carefully about the whole episode and I am only regret that I called them, because by doing that I missed a specific moment, the moment when I turned to see their response (when I saw them coming rushing from the club), because during that specific moment, the object turned from the bright ball light into the cylindrical object; that moment was of great interest to me, because it shows how the operational mechanisms of the system came into action? he replied "but now at least you do have people who can believe in what you have seen", continuing "do you think I can believe you if you return back telling me that you saw a huge cylindrical object flying over Kampala without a wing and a sound?"


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