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9 junE 2007






GRELET: MAMHOUD E.YOUSSEF, you are the person responsible of the Internet site EXTERNAL MAGNETIC FIELD PROPULSION SYSTEM. Can you tell us in some words what is the goal of such a structure and that it is that you predestine in your personal and professional course to make some research on the UFO phenomenon?

M.E.Y : First the main goal behind the website (ExMF-PS) is to bring to the public (scientists in particular) results of my researches in theoretical physics that I have been conducting during the past twelve years, it resulted with the external magnetic fields propulsion system (ExMF-PS), while by publishing in that website, I wants to possessed these results to the world community in generally.


Secondly, I became involved and obsessed by the unidentified flying objects (UFOs), since January 15, 1995, when I saw an entry or re-entry of a huge cylindrical object (fully described in the website (The Sighting), which I later discovered it is a UFO. Since then I thought since many people wrote about their sighting experiences, so I am not going to add anything unless I reached to logical conclusion about mechanism behind its propulsion system, which may help convincing others about reality of this phenomena in addition of helping in resolving the elusive renewable alternative energy.

Through that journey, I reached to conclusion that, UFOs mechanism is based on different fundamental physics, where the research led me to 1820, when physicists Hans Christian Oersted discovered at the University of Copenhagen that, "Forces exist between a magnet and charges in motion" or that "electric current produced magnetic field around its path", which was formulated in equations by the French physicists, André Ampère using electric physical quantities. I re-formulated these equations using magnetic physical quantities, upon which I suggested new atomic model with spectral lines, nuclear force, neutrons production, production of external magnetic fields (ExMF), energization of charged particles and the nuclear fusion. 

These researches were compiled in four papers they are: the Magnetic Interaction hypothesis (MIH), Elements of Magnetic Lines of Force (EMLF), Spinning Magnetic Force (SMF) and the Universal Energies (UE), they were published at the Journal of Theoretics.

Using these as bases, I suggested the idea of external magnetic fields propulsion system (ExMF-PS), to propel flying objects of various shapes, wheels vehicles, trucks wagons and sea vassals.

I would like to say that, one can't waste such valuable period of his life with our hard situations in Africa, unless there are great motivations some are related to our existence in this planet Earth.

As a Muslim from Darfur, I found myself forced to participate in reflecting the truth behind the genocide in Darfur and to participate with some idea about an ideal world for human coexistence, in a page at the website, named: The Absolute Truth which will be transferred next week to separate website (it is back to

GRELET: The continent African is very big and yet, we only have very little information on the observations of UFO that unwind themselves of it. Can you tell us if there were some observations during these last months?

M.E.Y : It is very sad, most people don't care so much about UFOs in Africa, because for educated people it is untouchable field, no sensible person can speak about it as reflected from present western culture, while for laymen, most of them tend not speak about their experiences (this could be related to the great fears during the sighting), although some told me about their experiences, which I intended to publish soon in my website (htt://

Although, there are some UFO societies in South Africa and Zimbabwe, while in Kenya there are some people who are interested in it, particularly in certain closed communities clubs, but I never heard about UFO organization in Kenya. Regarding recent sighting, I am not aware about that.

GRELET: What is your reaction to this famous bets on Internet of a part of the" French official archives", of observations on the UFO between 1988 and 2006?

M.E.Y : I first heard about it in BBC News at end of March, thanks for reminding me about it once again.

This is the first and brave step towards official recognitions of UFO by governments, which may reflects positively on the scientific institutions and communities.

Since GEIPAN do have about 1,650 sighting which they said (are still shrouded in mystery), GEIPAN can help further by recommending to French government to supports "THE WORLD UFO DISCLOSURE CAMPAIGN", and to call the United Nation  General Assembly to:

1- Hold open and secrecy-free hearings on the UFO / Extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth.

2- Hold open hearings on advanced energy and propulsion systems related to the subject that, when publicly released, will provide solutions to global environmental and other challenges.  

GRELET: Do the Kenyan authorities bring you their support in the harvest of the information?

M.E.Y : My time is fully occupied with the research and other issues, so I couldn't have the time to investigate the UFOs activities from the Kenyan authorities, but it happened in August 1995, I got down at Junction of Naivasha town (while coming from Uganda), which is 90 kilometers west of Nairobi, I had a talk with a Police officer, he told me it happened before some years back (around 1992) that he saw a very strange object moving slowly from east to westwards, it was illuminating colorful lights, he was surprised and shock. That is generally what is happening in this cotenant. No body reported such cases, when you do; you may face with an exaggeration or embarrassment situation, as it happened to me at the New Vision Newspaper in Kampala Uganda in January 16, 1995.

GRELET: Can you tell us if there were exits of books on the topic in Kenya or in Africa these last months?

M.E.Y : In 1995, there used to be only one bookshop in Nairobi (Kenya) dealing with UFO books (it is called the Book Point), later in 1999 other two bookshops started bringing some books. Strange enough these books are rapidly sold, but you can't see any activities that reflect UFOs culture in the media or the society. While in Kampala (Uganda) I bought a UFO book once at a bookshop, it was the only copy.

GRELET: Would you wish to tell something to the French researchers on the UFO?

M.E.Y : I would like to thank you personally for this initiative, by introducing me to the French researchers, UFO supporters and readers.

I would like to tell my colleges, the French UFO researchers, that the task we dedicated ourselves to is so great and noble, because UFO enigma contain and constitute great secrets which could help humanity to overcome most of present problems, from religions through the climatic changes to the renewable source of energy. Personally I greatly benefited from the French sightings, as presented by Dr. Jacques Vallee, because it is having many small details; it is my great desire to translate my website to French language so as to share my experiences with my brothers in France, and thanks once again.



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