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Hunan 45,000 B.C.

Tschi Pen Lao, of the University of Peking, has also discovered remarkable drawings on a Hunan mountain and on an island in Lake Tungting. Possibly made in 45,000 B.C., these granite carvings depict people with large trunks, and cylindrical objects in the sky on which similar beings are seen standing [Vallee, 1965].


Tassili 6,000 B.C.

In 1961, the Russian astronomer Alexander Kazantsev brought to the attention of the readers of the Soviet magazine Smena a discovery made by Henri Labot in the Tassili plateau in Sahara of sculpted rocks showing human beings with strange round heads, and other mysterious scenes. These sculptures were dated 6,000 B.C. [Vallee, 1965].


Thutmosis III - 1504-1450 B.C.

The oldest description was that mentioned Strange vehicles flying across the sky long before the advent of Christ.

B. Le Poer Trench, quote in his book (Le Poer Trench, B. The sky People. London: Neville Spearman, 1960) from a papyrus found damaged, with many gaps in the hieroglyphics, among the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former director of Egyptian Museum at the Vatican, and translated by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz, who stated that the original was part of the Annals of Pharaoh Thutmosis III, circa 1504-1450 B.C., or 3500, it state that:


In the year 22, of the third month of winter, six hour of the day …  the scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky … it had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor. Its body one rod long and one rod wide. It had no voice. Their hearts became confused through it: then they laid themselves on their bellies … they went to the Pharaoh … to report it. His Majesty ordered … has been examined … as to all which is written in the papyrus rolls of the House of Life. His Majesty was mediating upon what happened. Now after some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shone more in the sky than the brightness sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens … Powerful was the position of the circles. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst. It was after supper. Thereupon, these fire circles ascended higher in the sky towards the south … [Vallee, 1965].


Ezekiel 593 B.C.

Prophet Ezekiel's vision has often been commented upon in books dealing with unidentified flying objects. This description of a strange machine coming from the sky and landing close to the Chebar River in Chaladea (now part of Iraq) in 593 B.C. includes expressions said to be similar to those commonly used by witnesses of modern sightings of UFOs.

Ezekiel says that out of a whirlwind from the north appeared a fiery sphere. As been remarked that:


Ezekiel's narrative in the Bible is mainly concerned with describing this incident in his own phraseology, however vague it may seem to us today. Ezekiel lived in an era of few metals and no machines. The war chariot and the plough were the last word in their "technology."

For this reason it was extremely difficult for Ezekiel to portray with his vocabulary the event he witnessed.


According to the sources, an attempt to reconstruct from Ezekiel's words a model of the phenomenon in modern terms lead to the conception of a machine rather than a natural phenomenon such as a mirage:


The vehicle which Ezekiel observed had four distinct pillars. From each pillar protruded two wings, eight in all, which moved about. At the base of each column there were rings with circular openings. The four columns formed a cubic body over which there was a transparent dome. For lack of any better term Ezekiel defined it as a "firmament." A throne of sapphire stone crowned the dome, encircled by a rainbow. The reference to sapphire, amber, crystal and beryl may be allusions to plastics which certain parts of the ship were made of.

The prophet described the workings of this extraordinary craft. Except for the wings no other parts moved. The wings produced a sound "like the noise of great water." A fiery and thunderous exhaust issued from the base of the engine.

The incident is so objectively depicted that it could hardly be considered a tale to impress superstitious listeners. The ship had other unusual features – it could extend a "hand' giving Ezekiel a role with inscriptions "within and without." Then the prophet was taken on board the craft to Tel Aib Mountains. There he remained "speechless" for seven days [Vallee, 1965].


Roman 218 B.C.

In Julius Obsequens' book, Prodigiorum Liber, as well as in Livy, it is said that in many places there appeared men in white clothing coming from very far away; in Arpi a shield flew through the sky; two moons were seen at night; ghost ships appeared in the sky; luminous lamps were seen at Praeneste- all thi in 218 B.C.


In 213 B.C. in Hadria an "altar" was seen in the sky, accompanied by the form of a man in white clothing. A total of a dozen such observations between 222 and 90 B.C. [Vallee, 1965].


Teltown 763

In 763, while King Domnall Mac Murchada attended the fair at Teltown, in Meath County, ships were seen in the air [Vallee, 1965].


Archbishop Agobard 840

Agobard, Archbishop of Lyons, wrote in "De Grandine et Tonitrua" how in 840 AD he found the mob in Lyones lynching three men and a women accused of landing from a cloudship from the aerial region of Magonia. The were accused by the mob of being emissaries sent by Grimoald, Duke of Benevento, to spoil the French harvests and vintage by their enchantments. Emperor Charlemagne's edicts forbid the perturbing of the air, provoking of storms by magical means and the practicing of mathematics… Agobard's manuscript, which can be consulted at the national Library, mentions that the astronauts captured in Lyons were obviously foreigners and that "by an inconceivable fatality, these unfortunate people were so inconceivable fatality, these unfortunate people were so insane as to admit they were wizards." The mob killed them, and their corpses were fastened to boards and thrown into rivers

[Vallee, 1965].


Hungary 919

In 919, in Hungary, spherical objects shining like stars, bright and polished, were reported going to and fro in the sky [Vallee, 1965].


Japan 1015

In Japan, on August 23, 1015, two objects were seen giving birth to smaller luminous spheres [Vallee, 1965].


Cairo 1027

At Cairo in August 1027, numerous noisy objects were reported [Vallee, 1965].


Abbey 1254

On January 1, 1254, at Saint Alban's Abbey, at midnight, in a serene sky and clear atmosphere, with stars shining and the moon eight days old, there suddenly appeared in the sky a kind of large ship, elegantly shaped, well wquiped and of a marvelous color [Vallee, 1965].


Arras 1461

On November 1, 1461, a strange object shaped like a ship, from which fire was seen flowing, passed over the town of Arras in France. Jacques Duclerc, a chronicler, and cosolar to Duke Philip the Good, writes a detailed account of this sighting in his Memoirs of a Freeman of Arras: "A fiery thing like an iron rod of good length and as one half of  the moon was seen in the sky for a little less than a quarter of an hour."  [Vallee, 1965].


Switzerland 1566

Switzerland: August 7, 1566, Giant glowing discs covered the sky of Basle, to the consternation and amazement of the locals [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Nuremberg 1561

Nuremberg April 14, 1561. Sighting involves large tubes shown in inclined positions, from which spheres originate, generally three or four. Spheres and disks were seen and appeared to fight each other in aerial dances [Vallee, 1965].


Halley 171

On March 6, 1716, the astronomer Halley saw an object which illuminated the sky for more than two hours in such a way that he could read a printed text in the light of this object. The time of the observation was 7:00 P.M. After two hours, the brightness of the phenomenon was reactivated "as if new fuel had been cast on a fire" [Vallee, 1965].


Britain 1741

Britain: December 11, 1741, Lord Beauchamp claimed he watched a small oval ball of fire falling over London. About 750 yards up, it suddenly leveled off and zoomed eastwards, its long fiery tail trailing smoke as it rapidly disappeared [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Britain 1748

Britain: March 19, 1748, Sir Hans Sloane, later president of the Royal Society, observed a dazzling blue-white light with a reddish-yellow tail dropping through the evening sky. It was, he said, moving more slowly than a falling star in a direct line [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Sweden 1752

Sweden: 1752, spheres were reported coming out of a bright cylinder over Angermanland [Watts, 1994].


Switzerland 1762

On August 1762, an object was seen in front of the sun by two different observatories in Switzerland. On June 7, 1777, Charles Massier observed a large number of dark spots [Vallee, 1965].


Greenwich 1783

On August 18, 1783, at 9:25 P.M., at Windsor Castle, Tiberius Cavallo, a Fellow of the Royal Society, described a peculiar luminous phenomenon. In Greenwich, on August 30, 1783, there was seen a very strange object given rise to eight satellites which disappeared slowly toward the southeast [Vallee, 1965].


London 1809

John Staveley on August 10, 1809, at Hatton Garden, London, published the following in the Journal of Natural History and Philosophy and Chemistry:


I saw many meteors moving around the edge of a black cloud from which lightening flashed. They were like dazzling specks of light, dancing and traipsing thro' the clouds. One increased in size till it became of the brilliancy and magnitude of Venus, on a clear evening. But I could see no body in the light. It moved with great rapidity, and coasted the edge of the cloud. Then it became stationary, dimmed its splendor, and vanished. I saw these strange lights for minutes, not seconds. For at least an hour, these lights, so strange, and in innumerable points, played in and out of this black cloud. No lightning came from the clouds were these lights were playing. As the meteors increased in size, they seemed to descend [Vallee, 1965].


France 1820

On September 7, 1820, Francois Argao wrote in the Annales de chimie et de physique, about Embrun, France, the following:

Numerous observer have seen, during an eclipse of the moon, strange objects moving in straight lines. They were equally spaced and remained in line when they made turns. Their movements showed a military precision [Vallee, 1965].


Kansas 1833

USA: 1833, Charles Fort, reported a large, luminous craft over Niagara Falls, wrote of the Kansas sighting: Object appeared very swiftly then appeared to stop and hover over the city for ten minutes at a time. Then, after flashing green-blue and white lights, it shot upwards into space. The same craft was reported over Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Illinois. The Chicago Record newspaper reported that it actually landed in fields near Carlinville, Illinois, but took off when curious townsfolk approached [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Chile 1868

In July 1868, at Capiago, Chile, an aerial construction emitting light and giving off engine noise was interpreted locally as a giant bird with shining eyes, covered with large scales clashing to produce a metallic noise [Vallee, 1965].


Atlantic 1870

On March 22, 1870, an observation was made aboard the "Lady of the Lake" in the Atlantic Ocean at 5o 47'N. and 27o 52' W. The object seen was a disk of light gray color. What appeared to be the rear part was surrounded by a halo and a long tail emanated from the center. This UFO was viewed between 20 and 80 elevation for half an hour. It flew against the wind and Captain Banner made a drawing of it [Vallee, 1965].


Meudon 1871

On August 29, 1871, the astronomer of the Observatory of Meudon observed a number of very complex objects and a scene comparable to the sightings at Nuremberg and Basel. Among the UFOs he saw was a spot that first seemed about to fall, and then descended like a dead leaf or "like a disk falling through water" [Vallee, 1965].


Prague 1874

On April 24, 1874, a Professor Schafarick saw in Prague "an object of such a strange nature that I do not know what to say about it. It was of blinding white and crossed slowly the face of the moon. It remained visible afterwards …" [Vallee, 1965].


France 1877

France: March 23, 1877, fiery spheres which were extremely luminous came out of cloud of peculiar shape over Vence and went slowly towards the north for an hour's duration (reported in L'Année Scientifique, 1877, Vol. 5) [Watts, 1994].


Texas 1878

USA: January 22, 1878, Texas rancher John Martin was out hunting south of Denison, when he saw an object coming down from the sun, about the size of a large saucer. John Martin was the first to use the word saucer [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Persian 1879

On May 15, 1879, at 9:40 P.M., from the "Vultur" in the Persian Gulf two giant luminous wheels were observed spinning and slowly descending. They were seen for thirty five minutes, had an estimated diameter of forty meters and were about four diameters apart. Similar "giant wheels" were seen the year after, again in May and in the same part of the ocean, but by another ship, the steamer "Patna" [Vallee, 1965].


Melbourne 1881

On June 11, 1881, at 4:00 A.M., between Melbourne and Sydney, the two sons of the Prince of Wales, one of them the future king of England, saw a strange celestial object similar to a fully illuminated ship. (see The Cruise of the Bacchante, written by the two princes) [Vallee, 1965].


Britain 1882

Britain: 1882, Astronomer Wiliam Maunday saw a huge disc moving quickly as he studied the north-east horizon from London's Greenwich Royal Observatory. It passed the Moon, he said, then changed into a cigar shape [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Mexico 1883

On August 12, 1883, in the morning, the astronomer José Bonilla, of Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico, saw and photographed "formation" of circular objects which crossed the disk of the sun on west-east course. They were separated by regular intervals and were in groups of fifteen to twenty [Vallee, 1965].


Bulletin 1883

In L'Astronomie, the Bulletin of the French Astronomical Society, for the year 1883. The report reads:

On February 2, 1883, at 7:00 P.M., as I was observing the sky in the direction of Orion, i.e., toward the south, I saw a luminous point appearing behind Orionis and sliding to Sirius after a double turn as shown on the attached figure. This was not, however, a period of the year with abundant shooting stars. This bolide had the luminosity of a fourth-magnitude star. Its maximum luminosity was estimated by me to correspond to the third magnitude when it was in A, and it had a minimum at B, where it remained stationary for a while. It continued toward Sirius with a brightness corresponding to the forth magnitude. I lost sight of it as if it had gone behind Sirius and had not reappeared [Vallee, 1965].


Saigon 1885

Saigon, August 22, 1885, at 8:15 A.M.:

M. Reveillere an Lieutenant Guiberteau have witnessed a very strange meteorological phenomenon. Looking toward the south and having in front of them the Southern Cross, these scientists saw a magnificent red object, larger than the planet Venus and having fairly large lateral motion. Both observers were without instruments. They saw the meteor appear suddenly in the south, and disappear in the southeast. Its elevation was between 15o and 20o. Its motion, practically level with the horizon, was not faster than that of cloud in an average wind. It took seven or eight minutes for this meteor to travel on an arc equal to about one-third of the celestial sphere, and it disappeared behind a cloud of average opacity. One of the witnesses, M. Guiberteau, thought he saw the meteor above the cirrus clouds, when according to M. Reveillere the meteor lost some of its brightness because of the clouds, and this brightness varied according to the thickness of the clouds. It is difficult to decide what this meteor was [Vallee, 1965].


Adrianople 1885

Adrianople, Turkey, November 1, 1885, at 9:30 P.M.:

M. Mavrogordato, of Constantinople, calls our attention to the following strange observations which have been communicated to him.

1- On November 1, 1885, at 9:30 P.M, there was seen, west of Adrianople, an elongated object giving off a strong luminosity. It seemed to float in the air and its apparent disk was four or five times larger than the full moon. It traveled slowly and cast light on the whole camp behind the station with brightness about ten times than a large electric bulb.

2- In the morning of November 2, at down, a very luminous flame, first bluish, then greenish, and moving at a height of five to six meters, made a series of turns around the ferryboat pier at Scutari. Its blinding luminosity lighted the street and flooded the inside of the houses with light. The meteor was visible for one minute and a half and finally fell into the sea. No noise was heard when the immersion took place [Vallee, 1965].


Italy 1888

During the night of January 8, 1888, luminous bodies were seen through the sky in lines for one hour, according to the Memoirs of the Minor Brothers of Ragusa, Italy [Vallee, 1965].


Oakland 1896

Mystery airship seen over Oakland, California, in 1896, from San Francisco Call, November 1896. Cawthorne, Nigel, UFO Sightings, Chancellor Press, 2002, London.


Sacramento, 1896

Mystery airship seen over Sacramento, California, in 1896, as depicted in the San Francisco Call. Cawthorne, Nigel, UFO Sightings, Chancellor Press, 2002, London.


Sacramento, 1896

Mystery airship seen over Sacramento, California, in 1896, as depicted in the San Francisco Call. Cawthorne, Nigel, UFO Sightings, Chancellor Press, 2002, London.


Oakland and San Francisco, 1896

Mystery airship seen over Oakland and San Francisco, California, in 1896, as depicted in the San Francisco Call. Editors of Time-Life Books, The UFO Phenomenon (Mysteries of the Unknown), Time-Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia, 1988.

Chicago, 1897

An illustration of an airship, Chicago Suburb, from Chicago Times-Herald, April 12, 1897. (Cawthorne, Nigel, UFO Sightings, Chancellor Press, 2002, London.) and (Editors of Time-Life Books, The UFO Phenomenon (Mysteries of the Unknown), Time-Life Books, Alexandria, Virginia, 1988).


USA 1897

USA: Until April 1897, more than 10,000 people were said to have seen an airship over Kansas City, Missouri [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Chicago 1897

Chicago, April 2, 1897, at 2:00 A.M., Amazed citizen clambered to the top of a skyscraper to observe an enormous flying object which seemed to have fins at each end and a beacon [Vallee, 1965].


Illinois 1897

On April 10, 1897, at Carlinville, Illinois, an object landed in the fields but took off as soon as the witnesses came close to it. Its shape was that of a cigar with a dome [Vallee, 1965].


Benton 1897

Benton, Texas April 15, 1897, an object in the shape of cigatr was seen in Benton and several other places. It cruised toward the southeast, and was described as "a magnificent sight" [Vallee, 1965].


Kansas 1897

Le Roy, Kansas April 19, 1897, about 10:30P.M.

Alexander Hamilton, who was well known and respected residence of Kansas, and a member of the House of Representative said:


We are awakened by a noise among the cattle. I rose, thinking that perhaps my bulldog was performing some of his pranks, but upon going to the door saw to my utter astonishment an airship slowly descending upon my cow lot, about forty rods from the house.

Calling my tenant, Gid Heslip, and my son Wall, we seized some axes and ran to the corral. Meanwhile, the ship had been gently descending until it was not more than thirty feet above the ground, and we came within fifty yards of it.

It consisted of a great cigar-shaped portion, possibly three hundred feet long, with a carriage underneath. The carriage was made of glass or some other transparent substance alternating with a narrow strip of some material. It was brilliantly lighted within and everything was plainly visible-it was occupied by six of the strangest beings I ever saw. They were jabbering together, but we could not understand a word they said.

Every part of the vessel which was not transparent was of dark reddish color. We stood mute with wonder and fright, when some noise attracted their attention and they turned a light directly upon us. Immediately on catching sight of us they turned on some unknown power, and a great turbine wheel, about thirty feet in diameter, which was slowly revolving below the craft began to buzz and the vessel rose lightly as a bird. When about three hundred feet above us it seemed to pause and hover directly over a two year old heifer, which was bawling and jumping, apparently fast in the fence. Going to her, we found a cable  about a half inch in thickness made of some red material, fastened in a slip knot around her neck, one end passing up to the vessel, and the heifer tangled in the wire fence. We tried to get it off but could not, so we cut the wire loose and stood in amazement to see the ship, heifer and all, rise slowly, disappearing in the northwest.

We went home, but I saw so frightened I could not sleep. Rising early Tuesday, I started out by horse, hoping to find some trace of my cow. This I failed to do, but coming back in the evening found that Link Thomas, about three or four miles west of Le Roy, had found the hide, legs and head in the field that day. He, thinking someone had butchered a stolen beast, had brought the hide to town for identification, but was greatly mystified in not being able to find any tracks in the soft ground. After identifying the hide by my brand, I went home. But every time I would drop to sleep I would see the cursed thing, with its big lights and hideous people. I don't know whether they are devils or angles, or what; but we all saw them, and my whole family saw the ship, and I don't want any more to do with them.


Alexander Hamilton, staked his sacred honor upon the truth of his story, by an affidavit, that started by:


As there are now, always have been and always will be skeptics and unbelievers whenever the truth of any thing bordering the improbable is presented, and knowning that some ignorant or suspicious people will doubt the truthfulness of the above statement, now, therefore, we the undersigned, do herby make the following affidavit:

That we have known Alexander Hamilton for one to thirty years, and that for the truth and veracity we have never heard his word questioned, and that we do verily believe his statement to be true and correct.


Signed: E. W. Wharton, State Oil Inspector

          M. E. H.unt, Sheriff

          W.L.auber, Deputy Sheriff

          H. H. Winter, Banker

H. S. Johnson, Pharmacist

J. H. Stitcher, Attorney

Alexander Stewart, Justice of the Peace

F. W. Butler, Druggist

James W. Martin, Registrar of Deeds

And H. C. Rollins, Postmaster


Subscribed and sworn before me this 21st day of April, 1897 [Vallee, 1965].


Belgrade 1898

Belgrade, April 25, 1898, at 9:32 P.M., in Belgrade, a strange meteor was observed which, according to J. Michailovitch, a Professor at Belgrade Observatory, remained motionless in the sky for more than six minutes [Vallee, 1965].


Belgrade 1902

On October 28, 1902, at 3:05 A.M., an object was seen by the second officer and two other witnesses aboard the "Fort Salisbury" at 5o 31΄ S. and 4o 42΄ W. It was a huge, illuminated object, which sank and disappeared. No ship was reportedly missing in this part of the ocean [Vallee, 1965].


Atlantic 1904

On February 24, 1904, in the Atlantic Ocean, the U. S. S. "Supply" saw three red spheres larger than the sun remain below the clouds for a while, then ascend and disappear [Vallee, 1965].


Cardiff 1905

On March 29, 1905, at 10:00P.M., a vertical luminous tube "like a hot, red-orange iron rod" was reported at Cardif, Wales [Vallee, 1965].


Tunguska 1908

At 7:17 A. M., on June 30, 1908, an explosion occurred near the Podkamennaya (Under Rock) Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia, it was of enormous magnitude but of unknown nature, till know it represents one of twenty centaury greatest mysteries.

The explosion was thought likely to be caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5 to 10 kilometers (3–6 mi) above Earth's surface.

The energy of the blast was estimated to be between 10 and 20 megatons[5] of TNT — 1,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The explosion felled an estimated 80 million trees over 2,150 square kilometers (830 sq mi). It is estimated to have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale [wikipedia].

According to the London Daily Express of May 4, 959:

The inhabitant of the Jenissei district of Siberia saw a gigantic ball of fire, immediately afterwards there was a colossal explosion. The shock waves were registered in England. Scientists looked in vain for traces of meteorite and a crater. Curiously, in the center of the devastated region only the tops of the trees had been snapped off.

The Sydney Sun, Australia, quoting from the official Czech trade-union newspaper, Prace, stated that the Russian scientist expedition discovered a shallow depression about two miles wide in the surface of the earth.. Within the depression were two hundred craters, thirty to one hundred and fifty feet wide and twelve feet deep [Vallee, 1965]

Investigations showed that, cylindrical tube shape was first detected by Caravans in Gobi desert in China then picked by southern Russia after dawn, leaving multicolored vapor trail; it was getting lower all the time, till the explosion.

There appeared a great flash of light, said farmer Sergei Semenove, who was sitting on the porch of his home at Vanarva 40 miles south of the center of the blast. There was so much heat that I got up, unable to remain where I was. My shirt was almost burned off my back. A huge ball of fire covered an enormous part of the sky. Afterward it became very dark. At a nearby trading post, customers shielded their faces against the intense heat. Seconds later they were flung into air as shock waves of enormous force reached the village. Farmer Semenov was also bowled over, and knocked unconscious. Ceilings cracked and crumbled, widows rattled and shattered. Soils were gouged out and flew through the air.

Closer to the Tunguska, the devastation was even worse. Tungus guide Ilya Potapovich had relatives who owned a hard of 1,500 reindeer. "The fire came by and destroyed the forest, the reindeer and the storehouses," he told investigators later. "Afterwards, when the Tungus went in search of the herd, they found only charred reindeer carcasses. Nothing remained of the storehouses. Clothes, household, harnesses … all had burned up and melted."

The pillar of fire that followed the explosion was seen from the town of Kirensk, 250 miles away. So were the thick black clouds that rose 12 miles above the Tunguska as dirt and debris were sucked up by the blast. The accompanying thunderclaps were heard 50 miles away. A seismographic center at Irkust, 550 miles south of the Tunguska, registered tremors of earthquake proportions. Hurricane-force gusts shook windows 375 miles from the explosion. Meteorological scientists around the world detected shock waves from the blast, and it had twice circled the globe.

The first investigation was led by Leonid Kulik for Soviet Academy of Science in 1921, they visited the Podkamennaya Tunguska River basin, in 1927 they reached the site, to discover the devistation.

The main interpretation about the cause behind the explosion is a meteoroid or comet, but comparing the site with Hiroshima atomic bomb explosion, Soviet scientist Aleksander Kazantsev compared both events, where in both cases, trees directly under the blast still stood, while those at angle to it were flattened, along with the buildings, the mushroom cloud, the blinding flash, the shock waves and the black rain of debris, people living near the explosion died of a then-unknown illness with the same symptoms as exposure to atomic radiation and that the explosion had its biggest impact at some distance from its center, exactly like an atomic explosion; for lack of scientific evidence, he wrote a fiction about a nuclear powered spaceship from Mars had exploded in Siberia.

Other scientist continued investigating, the Russia and USA Hydrogen bomb tests, in 1966 Soviet investigators V. K. Zhuravlev, D. V. Demin and L. N. Demina issued a definitive paper which declared that the Siberia fire ball had been without doubt, a nuclear explosion, further studies, yield that the energy of the blast was 30 megatons or 1500 times greater than at Hiroshima.

Prof. Felix Zigel and A. V Zolotov re-examined the site, they stated that the area of destruction was not oval in shape, but roughly triangular. Prof. Zigel, investigated eye-witness statement about the cylindrical shape, the trail of the fire behind it, and the flight trajectory concluding that, the object had carried out maneuver, changing direction through an arc of 375 miles before it blew up. Soil samples from the blast revealed tiny spherical globules of silicate and magnetite and magnetized iron [Boar and Nigel 1983].

As seen the Tunguska explosion was very contesion issue, recently a team claimed that, an eliptic shape was discovered at nearby lake, a team of scientis will carry out investigations next year, but the most important part of these, entire dose UFOs propulsion system able to perform such explosion?


Peterborough, 1909

Drawing (published by Peterborough Citizen and Advertiser, March 21, 1909) showing an aerial ship seen by constable, P.C. Kettle, whose attention was drawn by its noise, it has powerful searching light, Vallee, Jacques and Janine,  1966 The UFO Enigma, Ballantine Books, New York.



Britain 1909

Britain: 1909, People in more than 40 towns across Britain reported strange shapes and lights in the sky, most of them during the third week in may. At Caerphilly in Wales, a man said he met two curious figures in fur coats as he walked near his home at 11 pm on May 18. They spoke in excited voices when they saw me, then rushed back to a large cylindrical object which lifted off the ground and disappeared [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


New Zealand 1909

New Zealand: 1909, Hundreds of people reported watching cigar-type objects, over both the North an South Islands, by day and at night, during the six weeks from the end of July to the start of September [Boar and Nigel, 1983].


Peterborough 1909

Upon the midnight of March 23, 1909, at 5:10 A.M., two constables, in different parts of the city of Peterborough, had reported having seen an object, carrying a light, moving over the city, with sounds like the sound of a motor. In the Peterborough Advertiser, March 27, is published an interview with one of the constables, who described "an object, somewhat oblong and narrow in shape, carrying a powerful light" [Vallee, 1965].


Malacca 1909

On June 3, 1909, at 3:00 A.M., men on the Danish steamer "Bintang," cruising in the Malacca Strait, saw a brilliantly lighted wheel under the surface of the ocean. This peculiar object came to the surface and was seen spinning [Vallee, 1965].


China Sea 1910

In the south of the China Sea, on August 12, 1910, at midnight, a brilliant wheel spinning close to the surface was seen from the Dutch ship "Valentijn" [Vallee, 1965].


Peru 1912

At Porto Principal, Peru, in January 1912, an "aerial ship" was reported at tree height [Vallee, 1965].


Dover 1913

On the morning of January 4, 1913, at Dover, England, an unknown flying object was seen moving towards the sea [Vallee, 1965].


Canada-Bermudas 1913

On February 9, 1913, between Canada and Bermudas, five or six groups of flying objects were sighted and were compared, by Professor Chant of Toronto, to an aerial fleet maneuvering. Thirty to thirty two objects composed this "fleet" [Vallee, 1965].


Fatima 1917

Fatima is a small village in the district of Leiria, some sixty two miles north of the Portages capital Lisbon.

Three shepherds' children, Lucia, aged ten, and her cousins Francisco Marto and Jacinto Marto, aged nine and seven respectively. Six monthly contacts between these children  and celestial being, in the Corva da Ira, an enormous creek, roughly circular in shape, which lies at 2.5 kilometers from Fatima, these six contacts extended from May 13 to October 13, 1917. At that place, on May 13, 1917, while the children were collecting their sheep at noon, they saw a flash at heaven. Several minutes later, a white, bright figure appeared near a small oak tree. The impressed by the figure who introduced herself as "the great white God", children described her as, "The wonderful lady looked young. Her dress, white as snow and tied to her neck by a gold band, wholly covered her body. A white cloak, with a golden edge, covered her head".

A second and third contact occurred after one month intervals, 13 June and 13 July, many clergymen were hostile to the story; some local authorities suggested that the children were tempted by devil, they were even put into jail for several days. On the third sighting, the entity announced that a great miracle would be performed on October, to convince everybody. On the fifth sighting, on September 13, there were many witnesses, and they could see the "sphere of light" used by the entity to come to the place. According to Reverend General Vicer of Leiria, who was one of the witnesses, the lady came in an "airplane of light", an "immense globe, flying westwards, at moderate speed. It irradiated a very bright light". Some other witnesses saw a white being coming out of the globe, which several minutes later took off, disappearing in the direction of the sun.

The miracle, which took place as promised, on 13 October at noon, was attended by seventy thousands persons, among whom were pious, individuals and atheists, clergymen and reporters from a cialist newspaper, among them, was Professor Almeida Garrett, of Coimbra University, a scientist, who described the phenomenon in the following term:

. It was raining hard, and the rain trickled down everyone's clothes. Suddenly, the sun shone through the dense cloud which covered it: everyone looked in its direction. It looked like a disk, of a very definite contour. It was not dazzling. I don't think that it could be compared to a dull silver disc, as someone said later in Fatima. No. It rather possessed a clear, changing brightness, which one could compare to a pearl. It looked like a polished wheel. This is not poetry. My eyes have seen it. This clear shaped disc suddenly began turning. It rotated with increasing speed. Suddenly, the crowd began crying with anguish. The sun, revolving all the time, began falling towards the earth, reddish and bloody, threatening to crash everybody under its fiery weight [Vallee, 1965].


Nebraska 1922

On February 22, 1922, at 5:00 A. M., in Hubbel Nebraska: A hunter, William C. Lamb, was following mysterious traces when he heard a crackling noise following by a high-pitched sound and realized that a circular object was flying above his head, masking the stars. The witness allegedly hides behind a tree and saw this object, now brilliantly lighted, land behind a depression. Where he thus lost sight of the disk, he saw a magnificent flying creature that landed like an aircraft and left traces in the snow. It was at least eight feet tall; it came toward the tree where Lamb was hiding, passed by and disappeared. Lamb was hiding, passed by and disappeared. Lamb followed the trace for five miles, then gave up the chase [Vallee, 1965].


Mongolia 1927

On August 5, 1927, at 9:30 A. M., in Mongolia, Nicolas Roerich and his caravan were watching the flight of an eagle when they observed a huge elongated object speeding through the sky: "we all saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp, this thing changed in the direction from south to southwest. And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glass and saw quite distinctly an oval form with shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun" between Canada and Bermudas, five or six groups of flying objects were sighted and were compared, by Professor Chant of Toronto, to an aerial fleet maneuvering. Thirty to thirty two objects composed this "fleet" [Vallee, 1965].


Tasman 1931

In 1931, Mr. Chichester, who was flying above the Tasman Sea from South Wales to New Zealand in his private plane, saw an object resembling a silver pearl flashing like a bright beacon and going very fast, then losing speed, accelerating again and vanishing [Vallee, 1965].


Addis Ababa 1935

In October 1935, at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a disk was seen motionless in the sky by numerous witnesses, among who was the French student of Africa, Pierre Ichac [Vallee, 1965].


Switzerland 1941

In 1941, a team of mountaineers searching for three missing Alpinists in Switzerland are said to have found traces tending to show that the three men had stopped where some flying object had landed, since three holes in a triangle of thirteen meters were seen in the snow, and their footprints did not continue [Vallee, 1965].


Navy 1942

On February 26, 1942, an observation was made on aboard the "Tromp", of the Royal Netherlands Navy; a large aluminum disk came toward the ship at very high speed, circulated it and left [Vallee, 1965].


Strasbourg 1944

On November 23, 1944, Lieutenant E. Schluter, of the 415th U.S. Night Fighter Squadron, met eight to ten balls of red fire flying at high speed, twenty miles north of Strasbourg, France [Vallee, 1965].


Speyer 1944

On November 27, 1944, Lieutenant Henery Giblin and Walter Cleary, saw a huge fiery object above their plane, at Speyer, Germany [Vallee, 1965].


Klagenfurt 1944

In December 1944, Major Leet, a bomber pilot, watched a disk follow the plane's maneuvers at Klagenfurt, Austria at night [Vallee, 1965].


Kingsport 1945

In 1945, Charles Hamlet and Edward Cat, saw an object "in the shape of chimney.", saying it was a wonderful color, and crossed the sky at high speed, in Kingsport, Tennessee [Vallee, 1965].


Sweden 1946

UFO waves in Sweden took place in July 1946; it characterized by number involved, like the details given by ĽAurore of July 27, 1946:


More than five hundred rocket-propelled projectiles are said to have been seen in Sweden since the beginning of July. According to some sources, the projectiles that streak across the Swedish sky look like jet planes, but make less noise than usual aircraft. Others describe them as like "sea gulls without head." On the map, the projectiles do not show uniform trajectories. They go toward the west as well as the south, which leads to the possibility that they are guided by remote control of some sort. It has been impossible to get hold of any of these "V-1"; all of them have fallen into the lakes [Vallee, 1965].


Ohio 1948

On February 1, 1948, a UFO was reported close to the ground at Circleville, Ohio, by Bruce Stevenson. It had metallic appearance and emitted tremendous orange light [Vallee, 1965].


Iowa 1949

On April 7, 1949, a huge "column of metal" was reported at Des Moines, Iowa; the UFO was seen standing vertically in the sky, surrounding by fiery lights and blue, yellow and purple glows; the witness said that he had never seen anything more dreadful in his entire life [Vallee, 1965].


Chicago 1950

In the night of April 27, 1950, an aircraft flying toward Chicago met a thick red disk at two thousand feet altitude just before reaching the South Bend Airport. The entire crew and all of the passengers saw the object flying on edge like a wheel. As soon as the plane turned in the direction of the object, it veered of at 450 miles per hour, went as low as fifteen hundred feet altitude (and was then seen under the plane) and finally left at great speed. The disk was polished and streamlined, but no detail of structure was visible [Vallee, 1965].



On March 12, 1951, at 4:00 P. M. A flat object of a blinding white color was seen, for fifteen minutes, at Corcelles-Neuchatel in Switzerland. The witnesses were Professor Alfred Lombard and his family, and several other persons. The UFO was seen above the lake. It followed a large course across the sky, leaving a white and wooly smoke trail as it progressed with sudden leaps forward. Sometimes it would remain perfectly motionless. After fifteen minutes the object traveled in a half circle and turned upside-down, appearing as a perfect disk. It then took off vertically, at a fantastic speed, emitting no smoke or noise, and was lost in an instant [Vallee, 1965].


Korea 1952

On January 30, 1952, in Korea, a huge disk that revolved like a large horizontal wheel was observed for several minutes. It radiated an orange light from its whole surface and give off bluish flames from the edge a UFO was reported close to the ground at Circleville, Ohio, by Bruce Stevenson. It had metallic appearance and emitted tremendous orange light [Vallee, 1965].


Vernon 1953

Vernon is a little town, forty miles northwest of Paris, the sighting that took place on August 23, 1953, at 1:00 A. M., is considered as first landmark of importance in the wave. It gives great details for the capabilities of the cigar type, or the mother ship.

A Vernon businessman, Bernard Misery, had just put his car away when, coming out of the garage, he saw a pale light illuminating the town, which had been in complete darkness a little while before. The night was completely clear and the moon was last quarter, and hence was rising about that time.

Looking at the sky, he saw a huge, silent, motionless, luminous mass, apparently suspended above the bank of the river some three hundred yards away. It could have been compared to a giant cigar standing on end.

"I had been watching this amazing spectacle for a couple of minutes," Mr. Miserey later reported,

When sudden from the bottom of the cigar came an object like a horizontal disk, which dropped at first in free fall, then slowed, and suddenly swayed and dived horizontally across the river toward me, becoming very luminous. For a very short time I could see the disk full-face; it was surrounded by a halo of brilliant light.

A few minutes after it had disappeared behind me, going southwest, at a prodigious speed, a similar object came from the cigar and went through the same maneuvers. A third object came, then a forth. There was then a long interval, and finally a fifth disk detached itself from the cigar, which was still motionless. This last disk dropped much lower than the earlier ones, to the level of the new bridge, where it remained still for an instant, swaying slightly. At that time I could see very clearly its circular form and its red luminosity – more intense at the center, fading out at the edge – and the glowing halo surrounding it. After a few seconds' pause, it wobbled like the first four, and took off like a flash toward the north, where it was lost in the distance as it gained altitude. During this time the luminosity of the cigar had faded, and the gigantic object, which may have been three hundred feet long, had sunk into darkness. The spectacle had lasted about three – quarters of an hour.


There was another witnesses, two policemen who were on their rounds at 1:00 A. M. and an army engineer southwest of the town, all of them watched the phenomenon [Vallee, 1965].


Turquenstein 1954

In the evening of October 20, 1954, Jean Schoubrenner, of Sarrebourg, was driving near the village of Turquenstein when he noticed on the highway ahead of him a luminous body. He slowed down as he approached the object, but, when he was about twenty yards from it, he suddenly felt as if he had been paralyzed. At the same moment his motor stopped and, as the car's momentum carried it forward, a sensation of increasing heat spread through his body. A few seconds later the object flew away and these symptoms disappeared [Vallee, 1965].


Ohio 1955

On August 1, 1955, at 9:00P. M., a Mr. Sheneman, coming from Willoughby, Ohio, got out of his car at Chardon Road with his wife and two children when he saw a circular object with a red light coming down rapidly and hovering above the ground. Two beams of lights appeared on the object and several openings allegedly becoming visible. The witness started running toward their house. The object hovered two hundred feet above the ground; it had a diameter of one hundred feet and a dome on top, which was illuminated with a white light [Vallee, 1965].


Dakota 1956

On November 25, 1956, both Don Kelm an Jack Peters of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, on Highway 34, when they saw an object hovering on the side of the road. It had the shape of an egg and give off a red glow sufficient to light the highway. It took off rapidly and the witnesses chased it, but remained one mile behind it throughout the six mile chase. The object made no noise. Several photographs were taken, one of which shows an egg shaped object, three times larger than the moon, with a projection at one end, also visible on the film [Vallee, 1965].


Pacific 1957

On April 19, 1957, at 11:52 A. M., two metal disks were seen entering the Pacific Ocean at 31o 15́ N. and 143o 30́ E. A violant turbulence followed their immersion. The witnesses were Japanese fisherman on board the "Kitsukawara Maru." The point in question is among the deepest in the Pacific Ocean (more than ten thousand meters deep) [Vallee, 1965].


Moscow 1958

UFO waves in Russian Poland, Hungary and the Eastern Block took place in 1958; some are in details, like the one in Ogoniok, No. 11, March, 1958, by Soukhanov:

Recently, not far from Moscow and at altitude of about three thousand meters, a strange object flying at great speed was seen. The witnesses maintained that it had exactly the shape of a disk, of relatively large dimensions. No one was able to say what this disk was, or where it came from. Very fantastic interpretations and hypothesis have been started by this incident. A little later, the disk came down toward the ground with a motion in spiral and started upward again, turning over and, suddenly speeding, disappeared behind nearby forest [Vallee, 1965].


New Guinea 1958/9

One of the best sightings ever, occurred in New Guinea, it started by observation by Dr. Ken Houston in November 1958, then on June 21, 1959. Then on June 26, 1959, the famous sighting of Rev. William Booth Gill, who is ordained prist of the Church of England and a graduate of Brisbane University. Mr. Gill came out of the dining room at 6:45 P. M., on June 26, 1959, he glanced at sky to check Venus, which he saw and there was that sparkling object, it was sparkling and very bright. The craft looked like a disk with smaller round superstructures, then again on top of that another kind of superstructure – round rather like the bridge on a boat, the object measured around thirty five feet at the base and twenty at top. At a time, the object came to an altitude of about 400 feet, when they saw some human beings coming from inside the object, standing on the deck of the huge disk; they were about four in all. The episode which continued for two nights was witnessed by thirty seven other witnesses. At times, shaft of blue light emanated from the center of the disk, they would bend forward appearing to manipulate something on the deck, and then straighten themselves up occasionally. Mr. Gill tried to establish contact by waving his hand to one of the man who was leaning over the rail, the figure did the same. Ananias, the teacher, waved both hands overhead and the two outside figures waved back with two arms over heads. Then Ananias and Gill waved arms and all four figures seemed to wave back.

The small mission boys called out, everyone beckoned to invite the beings down, but no audible response. Gill tried signaled to the Aliens, by flashed the light, the object swung like a pendulum, which was interpreted by the poor men as recognition. When the torchlight was flashed towards it, it hovered, and came quite close towards the ground, as if to land, but it didn't [Vallee, 1965].


Poland 1959

In March 19, 1959, on the coast of Poland near Kolobrzeg, Polish soldiers saw the sea suddenly become agitated. A triangular object, each side measuring about four meters, came out of the water and started to fly in circles over the barracks, then sped away and vanished [Vallee, 1965].


Tasmania 1960

On Tuesday, October 4, 1960, at 6:10 P. M., Rev. Lionel Browning, an Anglican minister and Tasmanian, Secretary of the World Council of Churches, an Mrs. Browning, observed in Cressy, Tasmania, a cigar-shaped airship accompanied by five smaller craft, the large, dull and grey object was about 300 feet long. It came at plane stalling speed and seemed to pause, at less than fifty miles per hour. It was stationary for thirty seconds, then out of the clouds above and behind the ship, five or six small discs came shooting at terrific speed. They were approximately thirty feet across and flat underneath with a dome on top. They came towards the ship like flat stones skipping along water. The clergyman and his wife were reticent about releasing this sighting until they heard other local residents report. Mrs Doris Bransden of Cressy said, "It was a fantastic sight, like a lot of little ships flocking around a bigger one". Aviation authorities stated there were no planes in the area at the time of the sighting. Before that, the clergyman doesn't believe in the reality of flying saucer, and the observation was discussed before the Australian Senate on October 18, 1960 [Vallee, 1965].


Michigan 1961

On July 7, 1961, at 11:00 P. M., five miles from Beulah, Michigan, two youth in a car saw a bluish-white light going from southwest to northeast at jet speed, the object stopped and came lower, rose again to 20o elevation, it came closer to the ground and lost behind some trees.

A reddish glow then appeared and was observed for about two minutes, the witnesses derived to Beulah, returning with two others, they saw the object illuminating the countryside as a full moon and observed it for fifteen minutes. In Zimmerman Road, they had better view of the object, inside the glow it produced, they could see another sort of light similar to that of a rotating beacon. Five minutes later, a red object came from the direction of the forest, then a white one. Both were close to the ground and seemed to interchange positions. Then four objects appeared from behind the car and took part [Vallee, 1965].


Massachusetts 1962

On May 26, 1962, at 11:45 P. M., at Westfield, Mass, a brilliant red oval object, emitting sparks at both ends, slowly descended behind some trees. Its center was white or yellow. It was seen by seven witnesses in different parts of the area. The exact place is the Massachusetts Highway 23, three quarter of a mile west of the junction with Massachusetts Highway 20. Some of the witnesses could see the object from their cars for two miles. In all directions, the phenomenon is said to have been large and impressive [Vallee, 1965].


Highcliff 1963

On February 23, 1963, at 9:45 P. M., at Highcliff, Eng, an oval object, emerald green, surrounded by a sort of glow, was seen hanging in the sky for ten minutes, after which the witness saw several smaller objects emerged from the larger one, as it had assumed a vertical position. These small objects flew away and disappeared over the channel [Vallee, 1965].


New York 1964

On April 11, 1964, at 6:30 P. M., physiotherapist was having picnic supper with his wife and two children, on a hill 1,800 feet above sea level, tem miles northwest of Homer, New York. Several jet bombers had left vapor trails up high, traveling from west to east, quickly disappeared. As he looked at the sky, there appeared what he thought a very large jet trail, it was white and very wide and at the south west end there was a break on the trail of about one mile. Then a very black spiral formation of what appeared to be smoke appeared, about one mile long.

The white vapor trail hung in the sky and gradually drifted to the south, slowly disappearing, after around ten minutes, the black spiral cloud had slowly moved to the west while the white trail had drifted to the south, the cloud became much darker. At this point he took his 6x25 binocular to shock that the wisp of smoke streaming out of black cloud, almost boiling out. Suddenly the black cloud, still retaining its spiral shape, changed from the horizontal position to a vertical position with greater smoke activity and resembled a smoking plane slowly falling from the sky, at the same time assuming a shape not unlike a banana, it hang there for two or thee minutes, then slowly seemed to sink into the clouds and was obliterated, it was observed plainly.

Later another horizontal pencil-shaped object, larger like submarine, it moved from left of the horizon to the right.

Observing with the binocular, there was a flash of white light from the rear and it shot forward with incredible speed for a distance of about five times its length and as suddenly stopped, still maintaining the pencil-shape. It became thicker in the middle and with a cloud of a smoke emanating from it, shot backward as rapidly as it had gone forward, about the same distance. Again it hovered and then began to shorten in length until it appeared saucer shaped, fat in the middle. Then from saucer shape it became almost perfectly round and slowly divided into two parts, one above the other. The top object slowly became smaller as it appeared to fade off in the distance, while the second object headed downward at a 45 angle toward the spot where we had seen the banana-shaped object disappear. It then divided in two again but the bottom object now assumed a vertical pencil shape while the top oval object slowly faded away. The pencil shape could well be a disc observed from the side. The pencil shape faded from sight. The whole episode lasted forty five minutes [Vallee, 1965].


Kisumu Kenya 1985

One of the most fascinating and wonderful sighting was the one witnessed by Dr. John Buers Awuor, a Senior Lecturer, School of Physical Science, at University of Nairobi.

It happened at dusk around 8:00 P.M., while he was retuning home in December 1985, when he had just finished his final examination for senior four secondary school.  The location was ten kilometers north west of Kisumu town, the capital of Nyanza Province, on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria, 0o 16́́ S 29o 7́́́́ E. the visibility was clear, he was walking from west to east, when suddenly he saw a line of objects with fire on their tails, all moving from north towards south at very low altitudes below the clouds.  They were of round shapes and were spinning while moving; they looked like military aircraft formation going to war, and consisted of two groups.  The front group, consisted of around 8-10 objects with diameters of around 30 meters, while the second group consisted of 7-8 objects, that were much smaller with diameters that appeared as of around 10 meters.  Their shapes looked like a distorted disks.

Objects at the center of each group, were very bright.  At the beginning he thought that they may fall, because they were moving rather slowly.  The slow speed, as he put it “was the reason he detected their spinning and the constant tails of fire which had orange-yellowish color”. Each formation consisted of “some vertical and others horizontally oriented disks, but all were spinning and had fire tails”.  All were moving in one direction; towards the south.  From his point of observation, the objects were at an angle of elevation in the sky of around 45o.  The total period of the sighting was around 50 seconds. The span of both groups on earth could be approximated to measure about three kilometers, it was very long.

When he first saw them, he was surprised, and wondered what was happening to the heavens.

In the following days, he expected the newspaper to mention it, but nothing was said, even the metrological, military and the aviation department, none of them mentioned clarification about these objects

Within that month he met his brother Francis Imbo (presently the Principle of Kisumu Polytechnic), who said he also saw the objects while he was at Eldoret town which is 80 km, north east of Kisumu and even drew them.  Dr. John Buers Awuor, described the general scenery, as very beautiful and considered himself very lucky to see such a wonder.


Kampala 1995

It all started on January 15, 1995 around 1:28 AM, in Kampala (0.35o N, 32.5o E) the Capital of Uganda, when I saw what I first thought a meteor, realizing an increas in its magnitude, I thought it could be a huge meteorite, linking it to Arizona crater or that of South Africa and the consequences of such impact on the city.

I ran to the club window called for my friend Mr. Walugembe Kiweewa with whom we were playing chess to come and see the huge thing which is going to fall over Kampala, I turned to see their response, he was rushing towards the door, with other three among them Mrs Annette Nabattle the owner of that club.

I turned back to watch in great surprise, the bright light which became in seconds an enormous cylindrical object, with extremely bright light emanating from a huge (what looked like) porthole at the front hemisphere, with four or six other equally spaced portholes extending along the side of the spaceship, the bright lights becomes dimmer towards the rear.

The body of the object was shiny and silvered by the full moon reflection; there were five bands of intense red light, emerging from the central part of the spaceship towards the end, where they mixed with an enormous and intense red light that emerged from the rear hemisphere and which seemed to extend beyond the full length of the spaceship.

Some striking points were observed at that moment, they were:

  1. The bright light at the front was so bright, it looked like the light from electric arc welding, the light was intense and near to ultra-violet radiation.
  2. Each of the red colored beams were much more intense in their middle, the color of which reminds me of the beautiful aurora photo published at the Guinness Book of Records, 1991 Edition.
  3. Both the upper and lower beams that emerged from the centre of the spaceship were clearly curved at the emerging center points, while the two beams which were above and below the centre, were slightly curved at the emerging points.
  4. No sound of any kind could be heard from the ship.
  5. As the spaceship flew above some clouds in the northern part of the city, the red light was clearly seen reflecting and coming out from the surrounding clouds.
  6. The spaceship then appeared in an opening between the clouds then disappeared.
  7. The red light began fading away in the distant horizon.
  8. When we returned back inside the club, and after making a sketch, with the date and time, I asked my friend about the length of the object, he estimated it to be more than fifty meters, I told him my estimation is more than hundred meters.
  9. The diameter of the spaceship was around twenty five meters.
  10. The altitude of the spaceship was between 1500 and 2000 meters.
  11. While watching, I started counting from zero, and from the moment when the object arrived over the town center, to the moment when it ended its flight and disappeared; I had counted 11 seconds, and from this I estimated the total flight period from its descent point as 25 seconds.
  12. Therefore, from above timings, if the length of the town is 30 kilometers, the velocity of the spaceship at that moments, can be calculated to be approximately 4320 km/h.



While watching, the logical question that entered my mind was, to whom does this new spaceship belong? But also, why did it enter the earth environment like the Shuttle?


Clearly what we witnessed was an entry or re-entry of a spaceship, through the earth's atmosphere, but is there any knowledge about discovery or existence of such an advanced system of propulsion worldwide? Is it possible for any government to hide such enormous machines from the media? If it orbits the earth, can it detected by amateur astronomers who are able to detect bodies of less that five meters at distances of thousands kilometers above the earth?

Therefore, my conclusion was that what we had witnessed was an entry of a spaceship from a different world that was controlled by different intelligence.

Five month later, I met with Mr. Kiweewa, he told me how one of his neighbor had told him two weeks after the sighting that he saw something one night but he afraid telling him because he can't believe him, my friend asked what was it? He said at that night, he quarrel with his wife and went to balcony; while there he suddenly saw a huge cylindrical object, long red light at rear and bright light coming from the front part; to his surprise my friend told him he believed him because he saw the same thing, the man felt greatly relieved.

I told Mr. Kiweewa, that I thought carefully about the whole episode and I am only regret that I called them, because by doing that I missed a specific moment, the moment when I turned to see their response (when I saw them coming rushing from the club), because during that specific moment, the object turned from the bright ball light into the cylindrical object; that moment was of great interest to me, because it shows how the operational mechanisms of the system came into action? he replied "but now at least you do have people who can believe in what you have seen", continuing "do you think I can believe you if you return back telling me that you saw a huge cylindrical object flying over Kampala without a wing and a sound?"




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