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Mahmoud E. Yousif




It all started on January 15, 1995 around 1:28 AM, in Kampala (0.35o N, 32.5o E) the Capital of Uganda, when I saw what I first thought a meteor, but in realizing the increases in its magnitude, then I thought it could be a huge meteorite, linking it to Arizona crater or that of South Africa and the consequences of such impact on the city.

I ran to the club window called for my friend Mr. Walugembe Kiweewa with whom we were playing chess to come and see the huge thing which is going to fall over Kampala, I turned to see their response, he was rushing towards the door, with other three among them Mrs Annette Nabattle the owner of that club.

I turned back to watch in great surprise, the bright light which became in seconds an enormous cylindrical object, with extremely bright light emanating from a huge (what looked like) porthole at the front hemisphere, with four or six other equally spaced portholes extending along the side of the spaceship, the bright lights becomes dimmer towards the rear.

The body of the object was shiny and silvered by the full moon reflection; there were five bands of intense red light, emerging from the central part of the spaceship towards the end, where they mixed with an enormous and intense red light that emerged from the rear hemisphere and which seemed to extend beyond the full length of the spaceship.

Some striking points were observed at that moment, they were:

  1. The bright light at the front was so bright, it looked like the light from electric arc welding, the light was intense and near to ultra-violet radiation.
  2. Each of the red colored beams were much more intense in their middle, the color of which reminds me of the beautiful aurora photo published at the Guinness Book of Records, 1991 Edition [1].
  3. Both the upper and lower beams that emerged from the centre of the spaceship were clearly curved at the emerging center points, while the two beams which were above and below the centre, were slightly curved at the emerging points, (These curvatures are characteristic of that which can only be produced by a magnetic field).
  4. No sound of any kind could be heard from the ship.
  5. As the spaceship flew above some clouds in the northern part of the city, the red light was clearly seen reflecting and coming out from the surrounding clouds.
  6. The spaceship then appeared in an opening between the clouds then disappeared.
  7. The red light began fading away in the distant horizon.
  8. When we returned back inside the club, and after making a sketch, with the date and time, I asked my friend about the length of the object, he estimated it to be more than fifty meters, I told him my estimation is more than hundred meters.
  9. The diameter of the spaceship was around twenty five meters.
  10. The altitude of the spaceship was between 1500 and 2000 meters.
  11. While watching, I started counting from zero, and from the moment when the object arrived over the town center, to the moment when it ended its flight and disappeared; I had counted 11 seconds, and from this I estimated the total flight period from its descent point as 25 seconds.
  12. Therefore, from above timings, if the length of the town is 30 kilometers, the velocity of the spaceship at that moments, can be calculated to be approximately 4320 km/h.


While watching, the logical question that entered my mind was, to whom does this new spaceship belong? But also, why did it enter the earth environment like the Shuttle?


Clearly what we witnessed was an entry or re-entry of a spaceship, through the earth's atmosphere, but is there any knowledge about discovery or existence of such an advanced system of propulsion worldwide? Is it possible for any government to hide such enormous machines from the media? If it orbits the earth, can it not be detected by amateur astronomers who are able to detect bodies of less that five meters at distances of thousands kilometers above the earth?

Therefore, my conclusion was that what we had witnessed was an entry of a spaceship from a different world that was controlled by different intelligence.


The Sighting


After settled in Nairobi-Kenya, I went back to Kampala in May five month after the sighting, and met with Mr. Kiweewa, he told me how one of his neighbor had told him two weeks after the sighting that he saw something one night but he afraid telling him because he can't believe him, my friend asked what was it? He said at that night, he quarrel with his wife and went to balcony; while there he suddenly saw a huge cylindrical object, long red light at rear and bright light coming from the front part; to his surprise my friend told him he believed him because he saw the same thing, the man felt greatly relieved.

I told Mr. Kiweewa, that I thought carefully about the whole episode and I am only regret that I called them, because by doing that I missed a specific moment, the moment when I turned to see their response (when I saw them coming rushing from the club), because during that specific moment, the object turned from the bright ball light into the cylindrical object; that moment was of great interest to me, because it shows how the operational mechanisms of the system came into action? he replied "but now at least you do have people who can believe in what you have seen", continuing "do you think I can believe you if you return back telling me that you saw a huge cylindrical object flying over Kampala without a wing and a sound?"

Whether he is justified or not, I felt there was something important missing part to be seen at that historical moment, but on the other hand the presence of my friend formed some confidence, without which one can force to doubt about his own mental capabilities.

I couldn’t determined what was important, because what may looks important for me not necessarily be for others, may be with an internal pressure one can reach an state of doubting his own sense, due to the external reaction.

In that second meeting I asked him about the number of portholes, he said it was either five or six, but Mrs Annette said it could be even fourteen, of course she over estimated the number, maybe due to her emotional state at that moment.


Understanding the meaning and depth of what we had witnessed, particularly after having a hard time with some journalists at the New Vision (a leading newspaper in Uganda), when I reported the sight, an officer in the metrological department at Entebbe office, replayed to the journalists at the above paper that, what we saw "most likely a low-flying satellite", and added that, "if the object allegedly seen over Kampala skis was moving from South to North, it was likely to have been a satellite," and that, "such satellites, usually at about 40 km above sea level were used to collect data, especially by taking photographs" [2].

We certainly saw something, but it was misinterpreted by others to an extent which shook our confidence in our own senses and logical analysis, so that above all no body can ever believed what we saw.

This object, as I later realized and understood through UFO literature, was of course what is referred to as being an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) [3, 4]. Needless to say, UFOs cause great confusion and frustration among officials whenever witnesses report them because they contradict the present knowledge of Science [5, 6], and perhaps because those contradictions get amplified because of the differing interpretations of them that are provided by various groups involved in the Ufology field who work from different backgrounds and interests, and so the whole subject of Ufology has become an untouchable field of research.

But for me, I became obsessed with the whole episode, because it had raised the challenge of thinking in the wonder behind the power source of that moving energy.


That sighting motivated me to conduct research into the propulsion system behind that UFO, the outcome of it was five papers, four of which were to lay down a New bases in the Fundamental Physics upon which the fifth paper is based, these papers are:

1-      The Magnetic Interaction Hypothesis (MIH) [7].

2-      Elements of Magnetic Lines of Force (EMLF) [8].

3-      The Spinning Magnetic Force (SMF) [9].

4-      The Universal Energies (UE) [10].

5-      The External Magnetic Field Production and the Flying Object (ExMF-PS) [11].


My hope is that, this sighting and resulted researches may form a base to disclose the enigma of the UFO, not only as a relive for me and those who were traumatized by involving in this field, but because it represents the alternative renewable source of energy and above all it may bring answers to many questions.



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