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Scientific Study of UFOs
As the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), became interested and contention phenomenon among the public, it generates confusions within scientific communities, many doesn't recognized it as materialistic phenomenon, worse of all it is designated by others as metaphysical phenomenon.

This website was launched on November 3, 2006 to publish researches carried out in the fundamental physics, it also presented a replication of UFOs propulsion system, based on the production of External Magnetic Field Propulsion System (ExMF-PS), these researches were conducted in the period from 1995-2006, based on personal sighting of a UFO over Kampala, Uganda on January 15, 1995, at 1:30 A.M.
In communications with some scholars, it emerged that, there are great interests in UFOs in African, since I am not investigating sightings, with knowledge of few sightings, thus I thought to develop a meaningful signals from these sightings and others, by linking them to the scientific studies of UFOs.
The present scientific community is in dilemma towards UFOs, similar to Bezant argument of which was first, Egg or Hen? This resemble is, whether UFOs are natural or technological phenomena? They think if natural, it could be deception (Natural Deceptions such as: Comets, Meteors, Planets, Rare cloud formations, Mysterious types of lightning), if technological; it could be a misinterpretation of terrestrial products or hallucinations, hence impossible to belong to Extraterrestrial Inelegance! Therefore it can't be studied by science, since it is not natural, hence, metaphysical phenomenon! Regardless of scientists like M. K. Jessup, who mentioned UFOs evidences before five decades, {The Case For The Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) "Varo Edition"}, by stating that (There is an overwhelming mass of authentic evidence which can be cited as: 1- Direct observation. 2- Indirect observation. 3- Supporting evidence or indication). Other scientists like Dr. J. Allen Hynek, drafted by U.S. Air Force to debunk UFOs; he detected these evidences, with high moral values, he was convinced and latter formed CUFOS.
As humanity is faced with many survival challenges, Scientists should play the leading role to resolve these problems; among others, they should investigates the discrepancy between present urgent search for alternative renewable energy (implying new propulsion system/UFOs), and present fundamental physics which is not able to explain basic questions like, the strong force, leave alone solving fusion problems. Present scientific situation, if imagined with great braveness and honesty, resembles, the Emperor's New Clothes!

On September 23, 1947, Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining forwarded a report about the "flying disc", through channels to the chief of the staff. He concluded that "UFOs were real, that they were metallic, high-performance, disc-shaped objects that out-classed anything the Air Force had at time and he recommended that a classified study be made of the object", that lead to the well known Project Sign, then several committees followed, during which some authorities within the US government decided to debunk the UFOs.

Faced with these such attitudes and others, it becomes obligation to committed individuals, societies and organizations affiliated to UFOs to prove the existence and materialistic nature of UFOs, for which we dedicated ourselves to.

This page is continuation efforts to form new base and perspective in tackling UFOs, by discussing and using the scientific methods to highlight some of UFOs most contentious issues, among these are:

1-  Sightings from four African Countries.
2-  The Scientific Study of the unidentified flying objects (UFOs).
3- Historical Sightings.
3-  Detailed Timeline of Major Human Progress and UFOs Activities.
4-  Re-Interpretation of UFO Photo of San Jacinto, California July 1988.
5-  Scientific imaginative animation of UFO Photo of San Jacinto, California July 1988.

I hope this page may enhance the study, flourishing knowledge about UFOs, and motivates theoretical and experimental works on UFOs propulsion system, for the prosperities of Humanity.

Mahmoud E. Yousif
Noble Campaign
* To hold open and secrecy-free hearings on the UFO / Extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth.
* To hold open hearings on advanced energy and propulsion systems related to the subject that, when publicly released, will provide solutions to global environmental and other challenges.  
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Redrawing of San Jacinto UFO
From pilot John R. English descriptions, and derived conclusions.