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Our existence with diversity in this planet supposed to represent elements of hope and prosperities, at present it isn't. To help achieving that hope with present glooming International recession and division, there is great need for us to accept one another regardless of these differences and situations, and to understand each other and surrounding environments, and to lay down new World Prosperity Concepts (WPC). To achieve that, high levels of truth is required, while presently we pre-occupied with secondary levels issues.
We are working towards more Human society and to achieve Environmental Sustainable and Renewable Energy, by exploring the scientific truth in many phenomena, which will be celebrated when the External Magnetic Field Propulsion Systems (ExMF-PS) attained.
It is our objective to work with others to help exploring the truth behind many phenomena and realities, materialistic such as the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) or humanely in many sectors that can bridge the human gap, by establishing the Absolute Truth (AT), which may reflect positively in human destiny. For that we are supporting the “THE WORLD UFO DISCLOSURE CAMPAIGN”, among others.

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Mr. Paul E. Potter
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